Pressure Care Mattresses

Pressure Care Mattresses

Pressure care mattresses are also known as Pressure care relief mattresses. The purpose of a pressure relief mattress is designed to increase comfort for an individual suffering from or at risk of developing pressure ulcers.   An alternating  pressure relieving mattress provides high levels of support by distributing alternating air flow to the cells of a mattress that specifically place less pressure on the vulnerable pressure points of the body. Air flow is controlled through a pump unit which connects to the mattress.   A pressure care mattress can be used on a suitable surface i.e. a profiling bed, at home, in hospitals, nursing homes hospices and other care facilities.


What does a care mattress do?

A pressure care mattress is a type of mattress that relieves pressure. It provides support and comfort, while reducing the risk of developing pressure ulcers and other complications related to a person's health, such as restricted blood flow or poor circulation.

The distribution of pressure will  provides great comfort to the patient/individual, it responds to the need of each individual to protect themselves from obtaining pressure ulcers, whether their risk is large or small. It is a perfect solution for those patients who must stay in bed for a long period.

Pressure relief mattresses are especially helpful for people who are recovering from an illness or injury, such as heart failure or stroke. This can reduce the risk of developing these conditions in later life by preventing bedsores and other injuries caused by improper sleeping position on flat surfaces (such as hardwood floors or old/poor quality mattresses).

Look for the following features

Here's what you should look for in a pressure relief mattress:

  • A pressure relief system. This is the most important feature of any mattress, and it's not just about how comfortable you'll feel. It also helps protect your back from injury if you have to get up quickly from down sleeping positions repeatedly throughout the night (like getting out of bed after falling asleep without realizing it). Pressure relief systems use 
  • n buying a pressure care mattress

When buying a pressure care mattress, you should consider the following:

  • Pressure relief. A pressure care mattress is designed to relieve pain and discomfort caused by pressure on your spine and vulnerable bony prominences of the body such as the back of the head. Allowing you to sleep in a more relaxed position, it can help prevent backaches or other problems associated with sleeping on a hard surface.
  • Comfort and support. Pressure relief is only one part of getting quality sleep at night; what's important is also comfort and support so that you feel comfortable throughout your sleep cycle (from falling asleep through waking up). If a mattress doesn't offer these things, then it might not be worth buying—or maybe even worse: Your back might give out while sleeping on it!
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