VAT Exemption for the disabled

To be eligible for VAT relief the government says you have to fit the following criteria:Charities - simply provide your charity number.A person is 'chronically sick or disabled' if he/she is a person:

With a physical or mental impairment which has a long-term and substantial adverse effect upon his/her ability to carry out everyday activities; with a condition which the medical profession treats as a chronic sickness, such as diabetes; orWho is terminally ill.

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In order to waive VAT on an eligible purchase, the government requires a simple declaration to be made as to the nature of your disability at the time of ordering. No proof of your disability need be shown to any party at any time.Its very easy to claim VAT relief, all we need to know is the name, address & disability of the person the item is for & what their chronic sickness or disability is. We don't need a doctor's letter or any reference numbers.

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